About Us

Learn more about what drives our work and the impact we and our Partners are making on the region.

As a comprehensive economic development organization, led by businesses in the Sandusky Bay region, the mission of GSP is to enhance the quality of life and economic vibrancy of the region and position it as the greatest destination on the Great Lakes.

The Greater Sandusky Partnership (GSP) and it’s affiliates, the Erie County Chamber of Commerce and Erie County Economic Development Corporation, create a comprehensive economic development organization committed to cultivating a vibrant regional economy. Through a strategic blend of destination development, business retention and expansion, workforce development, entrepreneurship support and advocacy work, the GSP strives to propel the Greater Sandusky region to be a premier destination to live, work and thrive. By fostering an environment conducive to growth and innovation, the GSP works to attract and retain residents, driving population growth and ensuring sustained prosperity for the region.